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Things That Are All True: Gun Control Edition

February 1, 2013

1) Obama’s gun control proposals are pretty good. I like ’em.

2) But I’m a squishy Canadian from a country with a low shooting rate and seven million firearms, so what the hey do I know

3) And anyways, said proposals don’t have a hope in Hell of passing.

4) … with this Congress.

5) … which won’t last forever. In fact, two years is almost the opposite of “forever.”

6) … so why propose them now?

7) Because 2014 is a midterm election.

8) … AKA a “get out the base” election.

9) To win a “get out the base” election, guess what you need to get out

10) (Hint: the base)

11) To get out, the base needs motivation, AKA a reason to vote

12) … a reason, such as, “if we take office we’ll pass these laws.”

13) … which you need to show the will to pass, by taking a vote on them even when they’re doomed.

14) Actions speaking louder than words, and all that

15) Also, when you differentiate yourself from the opposition the base loves that

16) Doesn’t get many deals made, granted.

17) … but tell me how the heck you’re going to make deals with the GOP anyway? They spent the week denouncing Chuck Hagel

18) So might as well stake your claim and fight

19) “Oh yeah well PRAGMATISM BUDDY” is not a convincing counterargument, by the way

20) Since yes, it’s pragmatic to bend a little for half a loaf when you can get half a loaf

21) But right now they’d rather set themselves on fire than make a deal, so no loaves for you

22) To get back to yummy half-loaves?

23) You need to take back the House.

24) Which, according to Nate Silver’s recent casting of Cure Light Statistical Noise, will require a 7% statistical edge

25) You do everything you can to gain a fraction of a percentage point at a time to get that edge

26) That. Is the “pragmatic” thing.

27) And to get that edge, you give the base food.

28) To give the base food, you take a stand for what the base wants.

29) And even forgetting all that pragmatic inside-baseball political stuff?

30) Standing up for what you believe in, will never be the wrong thing to do.


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